About Me

I’m Cate, an aspiring author, living in Ottawa, Ontario. I started writing at a young age, having my first newspaper, The Chenier News, published at 11-years-old (by my grandfather, on his old Macintosh computer). It had a circulation of about 5 readers.

My next foray into writing came a bit later, in 2007, when I joined the team of The Courier Newspaper, in Cold Lake, Alberta, a weekly military publication with a circulation of 2,600 (as of 2009). Writing for The Courier also gave me the opportunity to have my articles published nationally in other military publications, such as The Maple Leaf and the Air Force Magazine.

I hadn’t realized at the time that writing was what I wanted to do, so looking back, I am very grateful for that bit of luck and opportunity.

{photo by Stephanie MacGillivray}
My Blog

I’ve started a few blogs in the past, but gave up on them when it was apparent that what I was writing didn’t fit with my voice. Either I was trying to re-create what was on someone else’s (successful) blog, or I just didn’t care enough about what I was writing.

My aim for this blog is to write about things I love, from art and literature, to food, travel and wine, and even pieces from my own life; but with a focus on the literary aspects and the writing industry.

{photo by Stephanie MacGillivray}


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