Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Isabelle's Book Launch + Giveaway

Last week I attended my very first book launch, for the lovely Isabelle Lafleche's latest book (and sequel to the bestselling J'adore New York) J'adore Paris. It goes without saying that I read it as quickly as possible and absolutely ADORED it, bien sur! Here are a few shots from the party (although my iPhone isn't the best camera; for better quality photos check out Isabelle's blog - fun fact: 5th photo down you can spot me in the corner staring off into space ;p).

 {cool installation art displayed at the party}

{I'm just working the room (more like skulking in the corner taking photos)}

{English version of J'adore Paris on display for purchase}

{Perfume for guests to try and take home samples by Monsillage}

{Me and the author, Isabelle, just chilling}

The novel follows Parisian lawyer Catherine Lambert, and her loyal assistant Rikash, as she fights high-profile legal battles against international counterfeiters for her new job at Christian Dior. 

The blurb on the front cover couldn't have described it more perfectly: "Like a fine bottle of French champagne - fizzy and sophisticated."

I found myself noting with glee all the small references I connected with; the way the main character's love interest calls her "Catou" (my husband is french and sometimes uses this pet name for me); the Taittinger (I drank this on my first new years eve with my husband when he brought back a bottle of it from France); the reference to Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City being one of my all-time favourite series).

The book launch itself was so much fun, even though I was slightly out of my comfort zone. I went alone and knew only the author so I really had to work at putting myself out there, but in the process I met some wonderful new people and had a great time.

Felicitation, Isabelle - I couldn't be happier for you!

In celebration, I have a copy of J'adore Paris to give away to a lucky reader! Just answer the following question in the comments section below, and on June 7 I will announce the winner here on the blog:

Catherine has landed her dream job at Dior in the novel ... what is YOUR dream job?

This contest is open internationally*, and don't worry if you haven't yet read J'adore New York (although I highly recommend it) because though the novel is a sequel, it stands fairly well on its own.

* This is the second time I am holding a contest, and I admit that the last time I held one it took me a really loooong time to get the book out. All I can say to the winner this time is I will try my best to get the book out promptly, but if I end up dragging my butt you will probably get an extra little surprise in the package to make up for the wait ;)

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  1. Dream job? Travel photographer/journalist or a restaurant/resort/travel reviewer!!