Thursday, May 30, 2013

Circle of Fire Book Club: UPDATE

I wrote a blog post a few weeks back about wanting to run a Circle of Fire Book Club this summer. I didn't get a huge response, but then again I haven't been doing a great job of putting the word out. No worries though, because I am going to share my schedule with you right now, so if you're interested you can follow along.

The book is divided into three parts, so in the spirit of keeping things simple (and with the knowledge that people lead busy lives) that is how I am structuring my Circle of Fire. Specific dates are indicated below, as well as a small list of resources (the list is small, the resources aren't!).

If there is enough interest, I would love to have a series of discussions (4 in total - 1 for each session + a bonus to celebrate completion). I have left the dates TBD for now, but for those interested I really like meetup and Google+. If even one person expresses an interest in meeting up I'm there! And if no one expresses any interest? Well, it's a good thing I dig my own company and I'll be celebrating with a glass of wine (or 2) on my own!  :)


Part 1: MOJO (sessions 1-3)
June 1 - June 15

Blog post: June 17
Discussion: TBD (on or around June 15)

Part 2: MOXIE (sessions 4-9)
June 16 - July 6

Blog post: July 8
Discussion: TBD (on or around July 6)

Part 3: RESULTS (sessions 10-16)
July 7 - July 31

Blog post: August 5
Discussion: TBD (on or around July 31)
Bonus gathering: TBD (on or around August 10)

Danielle's website & page for FSS
- Workbook o' Fire
- Videos & Worksheets
- The book (grab it online or from your local bookstore)
Follow Danielle on Twitter @Daniellelaporte
- Twitter hashtag for The Fire Starter Sessions is #FireSS

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  1. I am still in! I need to go buy the book though.