Friday, May 11, 2012

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I think this is going to be a weekly thing ... what do you guys think?

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 It's that time of the week again ... HAPPY FRIDAY! This is definitely a day worth celebrating for me. Not only is it the LAST Friday for me before I go back to work full-time for the few months of summer, but looking out the window this morning it seems to be the first day of good weather we've had all week!! *do a little happy dance/knock on wood* It's been raining and just all around dreary, so hopefully the sun will stay for a bit.

So, I've been practicing waking up early all week (I'll let you know how well that went on Monday when I have to wake up early for REAL for the job), and I'll be the first to admit that I've been spoiled as a full-time student with a schedule that has allowed me to sleep in longer than most adults dream of. So I will refrain from complaining about the ungodly hours I'm waking at now, because I know none of you would sympathize with me ;p

My plans for the weekend are pretty simple .... DO NOTHING! If - IF - the weather is warm enough, I want to spend my days by the pool. Yup. It's summer alright :)

What are YOUR weekend plans??

Around the web this week ...

Dreams and Nightmares ... some inspiration for those moments when you want to quit.

Some advice on setting by Canadian crime writer, Louise Penny

Loved this post by Lisa Cron: Great Literature or Gibberish? - Helps to gain some perspective (especially for those who are perfectionists and need to push past the urge of getting it "perfect" the first time).

On the business side of writing, check out a month's worth of tips concerning how to build your writer's platform here.

Just came across this site ... I'm now dreaming of beautiful libraries. 

An honest post about how one writer feels about all the bells and whistles that go along with a writing career ... I would be interested to know how you guys feel about this!!

Have a great weekend!!

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