Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm Back + Help Save the Faerie Cottage

I am currently in my last week, of the first year of my studies, for the job that will support my writing habit! I have four more days of exams (for a total of six) and then I will be off for two weeks before starting a summer employment position in my field of study. So many new things happening and it's all exciting!

To say that this past year has been challenging is an understatement. Suffice to say, I plan on being much more present on this blog over the next few months, and I'm excited to start blogging again. I missed you guys!

To end this post, I want to share something very important with you guys. Los Angeles writer Francesca Lia Block needs your help! Due to circumstances too numerous to post here, but which can be read about here, and here, her home is in threat of foreclosure and she's been stonewalled for over a year by the Bank of America.

Please take a look at her story through the links I've provided, and if you believe that this wonderful, fellow writer is suffering an injustice head on over to change.org (the huge link right above ;p) and sign the petition. It looks like only 16 more signatures are needed, which is so awesome! I myself have signed (although I was a bit fuzzy on the legality of a Canadian signing, so if anyone out there has a better wealth of legal knowledge than I please let me know) and I truly hope that this story will have a positive ending. 


 {Bio taken from author's website}
Francesca Lia Block  is renowned for her groundbreaking novels and stories—postmodern, magic-realist tales that transport readers through the harsh, gritty landscapes of contemporary life to transcendent realms of the senses where love is always our saving grace.


See you guys soon! 

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