Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Days of Fall + New Beginnings

Before I say anything else, I want to say THANK YOU to my fellow bloggers and readers for the warm and kind comments I received after my last blog post. It means a lot to me, and my partner, to know that we're in your thoughts and prayers. I'm still technically on my blogging hiatus, but after reading other blog posts about the beginning of the Fall season, I felt compelled to add my thoughts to the blogosphere.

So as you all know, yesterday was the first (official) day of Fall! Fall is my favourite season for three main reasons:

 {Fall fashion! Summer is great (who doesn't love long, breezy dresses, and lounging by the pool with a drink in spare moments?), but Fall ... Fall means tall leather boots, and warm, cozy sweaters to wrap up in.} 

1) Pringle of Scotland: Cowl neck sweater
2) Tommy Hilfiger: Rugby striped sweater
3) Aldo: Deare boot

{Blustery days made better with warm cups of tea, and leaves changing from bright greens to beautiful golds, crimsons and coppers. And the smells, oh how I love the smells of Fall. }

and my favourite reason of all ...

{New Beginnings. To me, Fall has always been the epitome of this concept, much more so than New Years. Because Fall was (is still) the time when you can begin with a blank slate. When school begins, and the pages of your notebook are still crisp and white, waiting for the words to leave their mark.}

My partner and I ... we're on a path to a new beginning of sorts. We're going through something that can do one of two things: tear you apart, or bring you closer together. I can truly say right now, that this experience has brought us even CLOSER together, and I feel so blessed that God has given us the chance to show how strong we really are. Whatever your belief system, whether it's "God" or something else, know this: you are never given more than you can handle.

We WILL get through this. We WILL beat this, and we will LOVE more for it!



  1. Thanks! I actually bought them, along with the striped tommy Hilfiger sweater and i love them both!