Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What Makes YOU Happy?

{Photo by Sue Ahmed via Flickr}

I was inspired recently by this post over at Made By Girl, where the owner, Jen Ramos, asked her readers what their passion was. Now obviously you know what my passion is - writing!! I've been writing since I was a little girl, I even started my own newspaper when I was 11 years old, and I had forgotten, until recently, that when asked in grade one what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer was, a writer.

So on that note, I'm happy to share some exciting news ... 

Today I landed my first (paying) freelance writing gig!! I don't want to say for what publication just yet (I don't want to jinx it - even though they've already said yes, I keep expecting the "I'm sorry we changed our minds" email ... - I guess I'm superstitious that way) but I will let you know when the time comes. 

I'm also excited to let you guys know that I have a series of author interviews coming up on this blog so stay tuned ... 

Some other things I'm passionate about: 

Good Food
Great Friendships
Champagne and Pizza (gluten free)
Cheese (Baked Brie ... mmm ...)
Feel Good Chick Flicks
Curling up with a good book
The Hills (my guilty pleasure)
Warm weather and LOTS of sun
Eating Sushi
Japanese Beer
Water (oceans, lakes, rivers, a tall refreshing glass with lime!)
Bubble Baths
Buying office supplies (and staying organized)
Playing my guitar
Good conversations ...

What is it that makes YOU happy? What are you passionate about??


  1. Mmmm margaritas! I have to ask though, are you GF by choice or by force? I work with kids who have to have special diets (usually GFCF) however, I recently found out they make gluten free beer! I was wondering if they also make gluten free champagne?

  2. Margaritas are Amazing!! :) And I am gluten free by force, although nowadays it's not such an unfortunate thing. And I know of a couple of gluten free beers, though I haven't tried them. I do drink some beers that are naturally gluten free like Mexican beers made with corn, and as far as I know wine and champagne is already naturally gluten free.